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F1inSchools-Team from the Pelizaeus-Gymnasium Paderborn


About F1inSchools

F1inSchools is an international competition that aims to motivate students to experience STEM subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology) up close and to think about taking up careers in these directions.

The competition is about designing a model car with CAD software and then milling it with a CNC milling machine. But this is only part of the competition. The other area is to market this car like in Formula 1. Portfolios and brochures are printed, a team box is set up and a social media presence is set up, if necessary. In addition, the teams have to finance themselves through sponsors.


Our school: The Pelizaeus-Gymnasium Paderborn

With 1,600 students, the Pelizaeus grammar school in Paderborn is the largest of the six grammar schools in Paderborn. It is on the edge of Paderborn's old town. This offers many opportunities to offer different AGs, such as this AG: F1inSchools
At this point we would like to thank Mr. Fischer once again, who on the one hand looks after the AG, but on the other hand is also the contact person for our team.
If you want to know how to get there:
Look in the contact field, there is our address.


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